Our Journey So Far... Oct. 2018

Over the last several weeks, as we have settled into some degree of routine with family and school life (even though helping our kids with homework is like a part time job, am I right!?), a lot has happened!  On the regular family level, the boys have adjusted well to school, I think we are finally acclimated to the altitude (our house is at about 6000 feet!), and we have begun to strike a balance in our schedules. 

We spend a lot of time connecting with others in various settings.  Kirstin walks weekly with a neighbor who has become a dear friend and has built relationships with lots of moms through the school.  I have been connecting with church leaders and planters around Denver, and spend a lot of time working on my NAMB training.  We both volunteer regularly at our kids’ school, and we try to frequent some of the same restaurants and coffee shops to begin to be recognizable there.  We had a successful outdoor movie night in our front yard with 13 people from 4 different families attending, and lots of great front porch conversations.  Plus, we enjoyed a trip back to GA and the opportunity to preach and worship with our First Baptist family, as well as see our biological family members as well.  Then, to top things off, we enjoyed having some sweet visitors from Covington come see what life is like here in Parker.  I also had the opportunity to preach the Word and share a little about our vision at another local church here in Parker.  We have truly been blessed during this time!

There is a lot coming up as well.  In addition to continuing on with our regular responsibilities, we are continuing to lay the groundwork for our new church.  We’ve been spending time mapping out the specific vision and mission for the kind of church we believe God wants to build in Parker (I’ll share more on that in a later post).  We are even working on an official title and logo.  Coming up very soon, we will make the most of Halloween by going above and beyond to welcome and connect with (and possibly scare) our neighbors.  Then, we will soon be inviting our entire street over for S’Mores and Hot Chocolate in our front yard in the coming weeks. 

Finally, a big project we are working on is a community service called The Joy Project in which we invite our neighbors and our community to provide Christmas gifts for foster children in Douglas County.  The original goal is to have neighbors provide for 25 children, but I would truly love to see us provide for 50 kids.  As the project organizers, we will be inviting people to our home to get each child’s Christmas list.  That will give us a chance to not only meet them and give them practical guidelines for the project, but also to share our hearts for why we want to help these kids.  Then, around the second week of December, we hope for the effort to culminate in a wrapping/drop-off party at a local community center.  We’ll invite people to come wrap the gifts, but we will also once again have the chance to share more about the goodness of the gospel. 

We would love for you to be a part of our official Prayer Team! If you’d like to receive regular monthly prayer updates, and you will commit to praying for us and our plant, email mattwfunk@gmail.com, and we will add you to our official list!

For those of you praying for us, here is how you can pray specifically in the coming weeks.  First, pray for God to soften the hearts of people that we share with and to embolden us to unashamedly and clearly share the gospel.  Pray that our neighbors in Clarke Farms will step up and provide for local kids in need.  Pray for those dear kids in foster care that will receive the Christmas gifts, and most of all that they will eventually receive the Giver of all good gifts.  Pray for our family as well as we continue this journey.  And please pray for God to develop a powerful and passionate team of people to help us reach this community and lead them to a transformed life in Christ.  Thank you so much for your continued support and prayers!  If you would like to support us financially, click HERE and choose “Colorado Church Plant” in the funds list.

Meagan Thompson