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"By Believing they may have life in his name." - John 20:31

Why plant a new church in Parker, CO?

The North American Mission Board has identified the Denver Metro Area as one of its strategic "SEND Cities," focusing church planting and evangelism efforts in influential cultural centers around North America. Parker is a city just southeast of Denver that offers a small town, suburban lifestyle and quick access to the city. 

Parker's population has exploded in recent years, surpassing 51,000 people in the city of Parker and 320,000 in Douglas County, growing particularly with young professionals and families. Parker is largely lost and in need of the gospel with fewer than 3 active Southern Baptist churches in the city and less than 10 in the county.

Parker is rooted with its own specific community identity and pride. At the same time, as the city continues to grow, its influence continues to reach into Denver with many commuting professionals. A new church in Parker will need to be equally rooted in the community, agile and responsive in reaching the lost in Parker and into Denver, and replicating by making disciples who make disciples and continuing the work of church planting in this tremendously unreached area.

4.3 million

people in the Denver Metro Area. Denver's population is expected to grow 40% by 2030.


There is one SBC church for every 20,000 people in the Denver Metro Area.


of people in the Denver Metro Area are religiously unaffiliated or "nones," the 4th highest in the U.S.

< 3

active SBC churches in Parker, and less than 10 SBC churches in Douglas County.

Our Story


After over a decade of full-time ministry in established churches, God began to work in our hearts and stir an urgency for multiplication. Education in church planting, along with experiencing the growth and energy that comes to a church as it sends missionaries and starts a new work, began to help us to see how God was faithfully preparing us for such a time as this.  

Our first exploratory tour of Denver truly opened our eyes to the incredible need for the gospel.  In a place surrounded by such natural beauty, an intense spiritual darkness still exists. As the population has grown, the need for the gospel has grown along with it.  

Our additional visits to the area, as well as a great deal of prayer, led us to the city of Parker. Seas of houses and apartments with few or no churches to serve them and offer them the hope of Christ broke our hearts. It became clear to us that God had been working to prepare us for this work, and He continues to make a way for the gospel to thrive in Parker, CO.

As we continued to pursue church planting, and as we completed our official assessments with the North American Mission Board, God was also at work in our home church, First Baptist Covington. As our church's heart and vision for sending workers into the harvest has grown, it has been a blessing to have these people that we care for rally around and join in this new effort. First Baptist has laid a great foundation for multiplication, and we are proud to continue that work as we are sent to Parker.

Our Vision

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We will be a church founded upon the truth of God's Word, devoted to fervent prayer and Bible study, and fully committed to biblical fellowship and community.


We will be a church engaged in authentic worship of the Lord, proclaiming the goodness of the Gospel of Jesus and engaging our community through evangelism. We will seek to love and serve our neighbors, our community, and our world through local ministries and far-reaching missions.


We will be a church committed to the fulfillment of the Great Commission, making disciples who make disciples, raising leaders, and sending those leaders out to continue the Kingdom work of multiplication.


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Late Summer 2018

Move our family to Parker and immerse ourselves in the community.

Fall 2018

Begin residency at a North American Mission Board appointed church. Complete "Multiply Training" and other preparations.

Spring 2019

Begin meeting with core team, developing a concrete strategy, finalizing logistics, and leading home group Bible studies.

Fall 2019

Launch a new Rooted, Reaching, and Replicating church in Parker, CO!


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Join us in praying for God to work in the hearts and lives of the people of Parker and for the gospel to take root. Pray for effectiveness in sharing the gospel. Pray for workers to join in the harvest.


Consider sending teams or individuals to join in this new work. Send short-term teams or prayerfully consider sending individuals or families who may be willing to be a part of our long-term core team.


Building a network of relationships is important, and the more people we can know, the better. So, help connect us with people you know in or near Parker, CO! Help connect us with churches that may be interested in partnering with us as well.

Financial Support

In addition to the contributions of our sending church, First Baptist Covington, we also need financial commitments from several supporting churches as well as the help of individuals. Model for your church what it means to use God-given resources for Kingdom impact and help us reach our 3-year goal of $700,000.

For more information on how to partner with Matt and Kirstin, please contact:      -      706.466.4306    -      706.962.1588